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Friday, April 19, 2013

Sulliv Studios Releases "The Last Door" Music Video

After over a month of sporadic bursts of inspiration, I was able to carefully and subjectively complete this new caprice for piano and set it to a video.  I titled it "The Last Door" because of the inspiration that's behind it.

I got the the idea to write this song when I was going through some old family photos; one specifically really made me think.  It was an image of a Christmas get together at my Grandparents house that took place about 25 years ago.  There are fourteen people in the picture and looking at it, I realized that only seven of these people are still living today. It just blew my mind - it hasn't been that long, yet in this short amount of time, all of these people are gone.  That triggered more memories for me and I think I certainly used this song as a vehicle to express the loss I went through last year, when my four month old son unexpectedly passed away due to SIDS.

This caprice is about the brevity of life, but more importantly, it's about the hope that our consciousness and awareness has no begging or end.  There are many doors that lead us to so many places in life, but ultimately, they will all lead to the final door, a door into the unknown. So never forget how special every moment is here on this tiny dot we call earth.

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