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About Me

Benjamin Sullivan, Author at Blog of Benjamin
©2015 Ben Sullivan

Hey there and welcome to my official blog!

You may be wondering who's this Benjamin guy? And you know, that's a great question. In fact, if I knew the answer to it, I'd probably be a buddhist monk living in a monastery in Popa Taungkalat. But since I'm not, and I don't live in Popa Taungkalat, I'm here blogging away for your personal entertainment. Some of the things I do include being a Dad, an artist, a journalist, and a technology advocate. I also like traveling - a LOT.

So how did this blog come about? Well, I'm one of these people that's kind of sporadic. I'm always coming up with ideas and trying new things, and in order to remember all the stuff I come across in life, I write that stuff down, photograph it, or record it. I suppose I could've kept my thoughts and ideas locked up on a hard drive in cluttered folders full of word documents and media files, but that seems kind of sad and meaningless. So yeah, that's why this blog is here. I hope you enjoy some of it or find it useful! Oh, and, no, no one has ever actually referred to me as Benjamin "Bloggerman" Sullivan. I just put that there to make my name look more imposing.

All of my articles are original and happen in bursts of wild artistic inspiration - typically during the height of massive thunderstorms when the lightening is really going strong.

If you start reading my stuff here and wind up becoming an absolute Blog of Benjamin junkie, I have good news - there's more. In fact, I'm known to frequent Google+FacebookYoutubeFlickr, and 500px. If you're not the reading type, and just like getting lost in ecstatic visual bliss, you might want to check out my gallery, Photography of Benjamin.

If you really love this blog and want to show some support, consider buying me a cup of coffee by downloading an MP3 or two of mine on iTunes or Amazon.  Or you could always check out my Fotolia page and download one of my ultra high-resolution images to add a little life and vitality to your desktop or screensaver.

For fans of my photography with high-brow taste in exquisite art, my very best image collections are also available on Fine Art America in  formats ranging from stretched canvas to art frames.

If you happen to be a billionaire or Hollywood director, and want to buy me new car or house, you can license my music or consider purchasing exclusive rights to one of my photographs. I'm always happy to lend a hand in setting dramatic backdrops to things like pizza delivering drone advertisements or sci-fi films. Just go to the "Contact Me" form in the bottom left side of my webpage and put your name (ie. Bill Gates), your email address (i.e. bgates@microsoft.com), and let me know what you'd like to license - that's right Bill Gates, if you're reading this, that means you...
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